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Importance of Oud in Perfumery

Importance of Oud in Perfumery

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ONE wouldn't immediately picture luxury when they think of a woodsy aroma. But were you aware that wood is one of the world's most costly natural raw materials? It's called "oud," and perfumes with an oud base are trending in the industry! Let's investigate why. At Colish, we know what our customers demand, so we have created some perfect blends of your favorite oud scents for you to enjoy!

What is Oud?

15 species of tropical Agar (Aquilaria) trees make up the genus from which oud is derived. The Assam area of India is said to have been the tree's original home, and it then expanded to Bangladesh and most of Southeast Asia. Incense made from wood chips from trees is frequently burned at religious rituals and other festivals throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and India.

This tree responds to a parasitic mold infection called Phialophora parasitica by generating a priceless, dark, and aromatic resin. This resin is an oud, also known as agarwood, agalloch, Oudh, aloeswood, or eaglewood, a perfume component. Agarwood is unusual in many ways. Only 2% of these trees are thought to generate resin since it is only brought on by mold. This doesn't only increase the cost of the oil, but it also makes the wood one of the priciest materials available. Furthermore, a large number of such trees are currently endangered species.

Oud smells warm and woodsy, as you might anticipate. Oud perfumes aren't suitable for the faint-hearted since they are thought to be very strong. Because it is made from wood, you could also detect a faint whiff of moisture along with a lovely smokiness. You have to try it if you want to appreciate its distinctive scent!

How is Oud Extracted?

Steam distillation is used to carry out the extraction process. The agarwood is submerged in the water for several days or weeks during the initial stage. The soaked wood is then put into substantial heating systems where the water and resin evaporate and are collected in condensers.

Oud is the name given to wood, also known as agarwood, that has been saturated with resin.

The rarity of the oud contributes to its high price. It is only produced by 2 percent of the overall wild agar trees. Some experts contend that the most extended surviving trees, which are even rarer, make the best oud.

Many people use agarwood oil for health conditions like digestive and respiratory spasms, fevers, asthma, nausea, and other illnesses.

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, oud oil is frequently used in aromatherapy. It has the power to elicit a profound sense of relaxation. Colish's oud product lines all contain distinctive oud oils, are halal, and don't contain animal byproducts.

Importance of Oud in Perfumery

Among the most costly and sought-after elements in perfume is oud. It has been used for millennia in China, Southeast Asia, and the Arab World. It has a seductive musky aroma that may be highly intense. Many perfumers are using oud in the Western world to make some incredible perfumes for men and women.

Colish Product’s Offering Oud

Explore oud scents with Colish to make your memories more worthwhile.


Fragrance Family: Oriental & Floral

Intensity: Medium to Strong

Top Notes: Citrus, Marine accord

Heart Notes: Rose, Saffron, and Geranium

Base Notes:  White Musk, Sandalwood, Teakwood

Oud Gulabi is a powerful, seductive, and addictive oud fragrance that begins with a hefty rose trail before transitioning into enticing aquatic and lemon sparkle. Oud Gulabi is one of life's most fundamental joys, evoking youth's fun and impulsive days. This scent is rich in contrasts and cultural elements grounded by gentle sandalwood, creating a profound and mysterious symphony.


Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Intensity: Strong

Top Notes: Pear, Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Cyclamen , Saffron, Jasmine

Base Notes:  Cedarwood, Patchouli, Gaiacwood, Nagarmotha, Tonka, Ambergris, White Musk

It is a night enchantment in a bottle and is passionate, intriguing, and captivating. On a night out, east and west collide. This scent is the inspiration for a complex combination of exotic woods, including cedar, guaiac wood, lingering nagarmotha, and sweet amber. With the gentleness of saffron and jasmine, the middle gives it life. With its seductively luscious and elegant aroma, this perfume transports you to the exclusive culture of the glamorous life. It just appeals to all nostrils and is attractive and seductively manly.


This exquisitely scented candle shall fill your house with the perfume of Persian gardens since it is made from a pure soy wax mix and is packaged in a sleek black container. The earthy aroma of new woodlands creates a distinctive combination of sensuality and passion, and sweet amber is finished with floral undertones.


Rich and woody mix with Middle Eastern accords as its main inspiration. Heart notes of rose, musk, and oud are entwined with undertones of amber in this alluring oriental combination. A perfect fit for your memorable occasions!


The seductive aroma of the Absolute Santal scented candle comes from sandalwood. It has a soft, velvety smell based on Asia's favorite wood, making it the perfect burn for relaxing.

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