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In the heart of our aspirations lay a simple yet profound idea: to transform the cherished memories of our lives into tangible, sensory experiences. Thus, the journey began, in the warmth of our kitchen, where the alchemy of creation was set into motion.

Scented candles were our initial canvas, each batch a testament to our unwavering pursuit of perfection. We faced some setbacks in the early trial phases, days turned to months but persistence and countless tries later emerged the perfect blend, a moment of joy and an artisanal creation. As visionaries, we yearned to broaden the horizons of our home fragrance line. Reed diffusers and sprays emerged as natural extensions of the existing line, committing to better olfactory experiences.

Inspired by the evocative landscapes of our travels, we endeavored to encapsulate those memories, translating them into fragrant realities. With this vision and ambition in our hearts, we embarked on a new chapter of “Perfumery” crafting a collection steeped in timeless elegance. Each fragrance is attached to an emotion and is an ode to human experience.

In the year 2018, Colish emerged in the bustling city of Karachi, Pakistan not merely as a brand, but as a statement. The two founders and siblings, Abdullah and Mahwish combined their vision and unwavering belief in what they could achieve. Colish celebrates the very essence of one's being, an expression of self through the profound language of fragrance. Each bottle holds a story, each scent a symphony, woven together by the threads of our passion and creativity. As our journey continues, with every flicker of a candle's flame and every whisper of a perfume's note, lie the echoes of our memories, brought to life. Colish is more than a tale of scents; it is a narrative of transformation and  boundless potential that lies with every creation.