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About us

Perfume Brand Karachi


Colish is one of the first luxury fragrance brands founded in Karachi, Pakistan in 2018. The two founders with their strategic and creative mind coined the word “Colish” as an ambition to express stories and memories through fragrances. Colish is taking a modern contemporary approach in creating the products that are universal and deeply rooted around idea of experiences and emotions. At Colish we keep quality consistency at the core and all products we make are made to detail for simple luxury. We use emotions and creativity to create unique sensory experience with the aim to inspire people who want simple luxury in their everyday life. 

Abdullah and Mahwish, brother and sister duo came together to create a distinct line of luxury scented products. With little information in this field of sensory journey they reached out to the leading fragrance companies in Europe to architect the olfactory ambitions of Colish with the help of master perfumers. The duo uses special olfactory compositions and unique ingredients to translate the rich aura of Subcontinent region that once housed some of the world’s most extravagant symbols. Each fragrance is a symbol of luxury presented in simplicity. 

 Today, Colish continues to create unique and memorable fragrances that showcase the rich culture and traditions of Pakistan. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to evoke the emotions and feelings that are associated with Pakistan's warmth and hospitality, connecting people around the world through the power of scent. Colish is more than just a perfume brand, it is a statement, a way to connect with one's personality and to express oneself through the power of fragrance.