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Summer Perfume Pakistan

6 Easy Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Summer Perfume




Discover the Perfect Summer Fragrance: Easy Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Scent!"

If summer had a smell, it would be like a mix of fresh flowers and juicy fruits. And what's summer without your favorite scent, right? So, as you get ready for the warm months ahead, here's some easy advice for picking the perfect summer scent.

Tip 1: Start with what you like
Choosing a perfume can be fun. Think about scents that remind you of good times. If you love lavender fields or the beach, go for perfumes with floral or sea-like smells, like lemon, lily, or sandalwood. It'll make you feel good wherever you are.

Tip 2: Know how strong it is
Some perfumes are lighter, while others are stronger. Light ones are better for summer because they feel fresh. Look for "Eau De Toilette" (EDT) with 8-15% fragrance oil. Save the stronger "Eau De Parfum" (EDP) with 15-30% oil for evenings.

Tip 3: Pick light, flowery scents
On hot days, choose fragrances that are flowery and light. They make you feel happy and relaxed. Look for scents like rose, vanilla, or lemon. They give off sunny vibes!

Tip 4: Try before you buy
Before buying a perfume, smell it and see how you feel. Put a little on your wrist and wait. You'll notice different smells over time. Trust your nose to pick the one you like.

Tip 5: Mix and match
You can create your own smell by mixing different scents. Sweet smells like vanilla go well with flowery scents like rose. Or try mixing citrus smells like orange with spicy smells like cinnamon.

Tip 6: Use other scented stuff
Using scented bodywash and Body lotion before putting on perfume can make the smell last longer. They trap the scent on your skin as you go about your day. 

Pick your Colish favorites:

1. Lucid (Blue Fresh Fragrance) - Perfect perfume for hot days of summer with notes of Bergamot, Lavender and Cedarwood.

2. Aurum (Fruity Amber Fragrance) - A juicy masterpiece with soft freshness and Ambery notes.

3. Forbidden Flower (Powdery Musky Fragrance) - Delicate perfume for casual occasion. Composed around powdery iris drying down to a sensual musk. 

4. Millennial Grass (Fougère Fresh Citrusy) - With accords of Cannabis and zesty lemons, this perfume carries perfectly in hot summer days by transporting you to an alluring landscape.