Colish fragrances for men and women in pakistan

The Scents and Stories of Colish Fragrances

In the mystical realm of fragrances, where each note weaves a tale of its own, there lies a profound connection between scents and cherished memories. Every perfume in our collection is an exquisite ode, a heartfelt dedication, and an enduring inspiration. Each creation carries the essence of a special person, a cherished time, a profound idea and transforming the mere act of wearing perfume into a deeply personal and reflective experience.

Abdullah and Mahwish, the brains behind Colish make their interpretations and inspirations breathe life into every fragrance, infusing them with stories of love, celebration, and life's beautiful intricacies. Like chapters in a book, each perfume narrates a unique tale, intimately connecting with one’s heart and soul. Let us explore our most loved scents and the stories behind them. 

Retro Rose: A Timeless Tribute


Retro Rose, a timeless fragrance, is a delicate symphony of velvety rose petals entwined with the allure of musk. The brother-sister duo lovingly dedicates this scent to their cherished mother. The fragrance unfolds like a nostalgia-filled letter, reminiscent of the elegant roses their mother tended in their garden. With each spritz, they are transported to cherished moments spent among blooming roses, their mother's smile as radiant as the flowers she so lovingly nurtured. It is the perfect rose scent for women who like to smell like roses the entire day. 


Retro Rose Perfume

Khizan: A Melody of Autumn


Khizan, an ode to autumn, captures the vibrant spirit of the season most loved in their house. As the leaves paint the world with hues of gold, this warm woody floral elixir sings the praises of fall's enchanting beauty. Mahwish dedicates this scent to autumn itself, celebrating its grace and transformative allure. With Khizan, they embrace the crisp air and the joy of crunching leaves underfoot, grateful for the ever-changing beauty that surrounds them. This oriental and floral scent is for people who like fresh notes like apple and plum, combined with the warmth of vanilla with the sensual touch of sandalwood and musk. 


Khizan perfume by Colish

Oud Night Out: A Party for the Senses


Oud Night Out is an intoxicating and alluring fragrance that sets the stage for a thrilling night of celebration. With its woody and earthy essence, this fragrance pays tribute to a vibrant party lifestyle. Abdullah dedicates this scent to the unforgettable nights filled with laughter, dance, and joy. Oud Night Out becomes a sensory celebration, capturing the essence of every unforgettable party they've shared with friends and loved ones. If you like earthy and woody fragrances that last like good memories in your mind, this is definitely a grab.  


Oud Night Out by Colish

Millennial Grass: A Song of Daring Defiance of Youth


Millennial Grass is a fragrance that pays homage to the rebellious gang of Birmingham famously known as Peaky Blinders. Just as the Peaky Blinders leave an indelible mark on history, Millennial Grass leaves a lasting impression, evoking the atmosphere of their underground empire. The fragrance is inspired from their daring defiance, embodying the allure and magnetism that drew admiration and fear alike.

With Millennial Grass, one embraces the bold rebellion of the Peakys, embodying their unapologetic attitude and unshakable confidence. Like their distinctive flat caps and tailored suits, this scent becomes your signature, exuding the air of mystery and leaving a trail of intrigue and admiration in your wake, much like the trailblazing gang of Birmingham's underworld. Millennial Grass is a long lasting perfume for men who want to survive a tough day in the city with the scent of bergamot, cinnamon and leather. 


Millennial Grass Perfume for Men by Colish



In this fragrant narrative, each perfume becomes a vessel for emotions, memories, and dedication. Through Retro Rose, Khizan, Millennial Grass, and Oud Night Out, the owners heart dances with the essence of their loved ones and experiences. A journey of scents and memories, where each fragrance becomes a chapter, weaved together to create a beautiful story of love, celebration, and life itself.